San Paul Gallery proudly invites you to two of its most anticipated 2016 MIAMI ART WEEK exhibitions: Please join us at THE MIAMI ART RIVER FAIR (Dec 1 - 4), and at THE ICON BAY ART RECEPTION, INDIVI[DUALITY] (Dec 1-4), as San Paul Gallery features a diverse collection of Paintings, Drawings, Time-Based Art, and Installations by internationally praised artists Cranio, Carlos Alves, Jonatas Chimen, Dana  Blickensderfer, and many others. The Art selection will include Street, Minimalism, Realism, and Abstract Expressionism, and will be specially curated by Mario Daniel Alvarado and Briana Lutzi. Each of the shows will focus on granting the viewer a true BASEL experience, replete with opportunities for interaction with the artists and their process of creation. For more information visit,